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Software for the Cannabis Industry

Built from the ground up for cannabis and other regulated markets

Cannabis Grow Software

Compliance for grow operators to increase productivity, reduce labor expenses, and increase profitability.

Metrc Compliant Software

Our seed-to-sale software suite will track and manage every plant and its life cycle. Our software meets all state tracking requirements.

Gorw Facility and Dispensary Security

We can detect weapons in public places, lowering your litigation risk and increasing ability to detect and alert.
cannabis point of sale

Dispensary Point of Sale Software

Peace of mind point of sale solutions. Compliance, scale, curbside, check-ins, purchase limits, order ahead, Fast and user friendly.

Air & Surface Purification

Sanitize your air and surfaces 24/7. Proven solutions to help make the places we gather safer, reducing COVID-19 spread and transmission.
air purification for dispensaries

Internet of Things (IOT)

Simplify the on-boarding, management and control of IoT devices with a customizable dashboard and data reporting engine. Measure, report, and get notified.

Point of Sale

Loyalty Programs

We offer multiple loyalty program options. We have the ability to create your own program within the suite, or you can link to Springbig and I Heart Jane.

METRC Integration

METRC is the cannabis compliance system used in Colorado, California, Michigan, Ohio, Alaska, District of Columbia, Colorado Industrial Hemp, Oregon, Nevada, Montana, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Missouri. Our Bi-directional API makes METRC easy to manage

User Friendly

Built for fast paced environments, featuring large buttons that make use intuitive and user-friendly. Interactive help menus and how-to videos are included, should you need them.

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