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Hello Everyone We're AgTek

At AgTek, we do more than just software. Our comprehensive program integrates with other seed-to-sale softwares, communicates with METRC, BioTrackTHC, and other compliance programs to ensure your business is able to put it’s best foot forward on all fronts. With packages tailored to your needs, our programs can be run by individual growers looking for tools to compete on a larger scale, as well as industrial large scale growers looking decrease turnaround time.

About AgTek

AgTek Enterprises, LLC is a software and technology solutions provider to the legal cannabis industry.  Our dedicated team has worked to create software that streamlines all aspects of commercial cannabis, from cultivation management to in-store tracking. The management team is comprised of talented professionals with diverse backgrounds from a variety of agricultural and technological verticals. Our CEO, Chuck Jenkins, with his extensive agronomical education, brings 30 years of experience building early-stage companies to viability, profitability, longevity and possible acquisition targets. This success draws on his vast experience in agricultural technologies, including software, hardware, big data, compliance, and traceability. From current customer and revenue levels, AgTek is poised for rapid increases in both categories, with numerous options for additional income to ensure a solid future.

With software development as a core competency and deep understanding of technology use in many agriculture verticals, we keep an ear to the ground and a creative mindset with a propensity for networking. Our team’s immediate impact on customer revenue has already been recognizable.

Managing a software company is not for everyone. Considered an ‘intangible’ or ‘necessary evil’ to many consumers, it takes a unique cross section of expertise and commitment to provide support and education, while understanding industry challenges. Value propositions must be strong, repeatable and empathetic, providing a diverse set of ROI dependent on the wants/needs of the end-user. Without these traits, we’re just another icon on their desktop.

Our Partners

The Agtek Management Team

Chuck Jenkins


Chuck has been managing organizations and teams involved with cutting-edge technologies in agriculture for the past 30+ years. From GPS, Big Data, Agronomic software, SAAS, Compliance software, E-Commerce, Traceability, ERP, Cannabis and more, his experiences with startup companies brings a vast network of technology partners to the AgTek business model.

As CEO Mr. Jenkins provides strategic leadership and a creative approach to building brand-name awareness utilizing his vast professional network across numerous crops and technologies to grow the company. With a strong belief in servant-leadership, Chuck has surrounded himself with top agricultural and technology individuals throughout the leadership team that are already delivering on the company vision.

Although a rarity to find time away from work, Chuck enjoys building furniture and tinkering with his collection of classic vehicles, along with outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing.

Craig Coleman


Craig is a seasoned strategic technology sales professional with over 20 years of experience. He has sold cow-spotted hardware, e-commerce, and ERP software, worked for large corporations, small companies, and some start-ups. The last 8 years focused in agriculture software.

Craig's Teams:
Premier League - Arsenal
NFL - Chiefs
Baseball - Royals
College - Nebraska

Andrew Strubhar

Compliance Manager

Andrew has a diverse background in programming, web design, customer experiences and compliance. This diverse skill set has served him well over the past 6 years in the cannabis industry, providing a deep understanding of the AgTek software applications and integrations with all state-level compliance programs.

As AgTek’s Compliance Manager, he leads the direction of the API’s with the likes of METRC, Leaf Systems, etc. and others. He brings creativity and levity to the heavily regulated cannabis industry as it pertains to our software applications, utilizing his knowledge of coding and web design to continue to build on an already unmatched compliance suite.

As a former technology business owner himself, his dedication to the customer base and diligence to ensure compliance is paramount in his role- every customer has provided comments on his ability to address any challenges he may be presented with in a timely manner.

Andrew enjoys researching new software and hardware applications, hydroponic farming, and spending time with family and friends.

Ty Lyons

Regional Manager

Ty brings 20+ years of technology sales experience across multiple disciplines and North American industries to the team. He has spent the past 10+ years managing the resources in a multi-state region for an agricultural ERP provider, and his ability to build personal relationships with his direct reports, customers and prospects alike has served him well as he transitions to the AgTek suite of products.

Always presenting solutions to the challenges facing his target audiences, the diversity of his background in tech sales and territory management have allowed Ty to be successful in every sales leadership role he has taken on. His propensity for building strong rapport with his clients both personally and professionally equates to a never- ending string of referrals, introductions and networking. This provides ample ability to grow brand name recognition and bottom-line revenue.

Mr. Lyons enjoys numerous outdoor activities such as coaching baseball, golf, hunting, fishing and spending time with family and friends during his free time.