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Offering the ultimate in sensor technology for your commercial agricultural business.

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The Ultimate in Automated Grow System and Sensors

Offering the ultimate in automated grow system and sensor technology for your commercial cannabis cultivation business.

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Sensors, Monitoring, and Improved Control of Agricultural Facilities

AgTek is a leader in grow room sensor and monitoring solutions that allow you to grow any crop and manage it with ease. Whether you grow indoors in a large cultivation facility or a greenhouse our technology can help. Our monitoring and sensor technology works with soil-based grows as well as grows based around a hydroponic system, no matter what medium we can provide the solutions you need to succeed.

Create the Perfect Environment for Your Grow

Crops and livestock can be fragile, like humans, they respond well in great conditions and not so well in less than optimum environments.

Growing in the hot Florida sun with high humidity levels differs from growing in the dry Arizona climate, one size does not fit all. AgTek’s IoT technology makes growing anywhere a cinch. Automation and sensor technology allows you to customize an environment for your crops no matter where you are located. AgTek’s automation technology offers proactive and reactive solutions for outside influences that may compromise the quality and yield of your agricultural crops.

Monitor and Manage Irrigation

Our sensors allow you to manage watering, and set up SMS and email alert systems if something goes awry. You can also visualize all the above data in real-time and collect it long-term to supercharge your grow operations.

Accurate Watering Leads to an Efficient and Bountiful Garden

If you are manually watering and applying nutrients it can be easy to overwater or underwater as well as underfeed or overfeed your crops. To be 100% accurate you would need to stick to a strict and consistent watering and feeding schedule to make sure there were no inconsistencies. Trying to maintain this strict schedule of a large cultivation facility is both difficult and expensive. Cut through the chaos with our automation and sensor technology.

Ensure accuracy by setting a schedule that can be adjusted based on the type of crops, crop quality, harvest yield, and localized climate parameters.

Indoor Climate Monitoring and Control

Automate the management of all aspects of indoor climate control whether it be temperature, CO2, lighting, or humidity control with an option to manage and visualize real-time data remotely with our sensors and IoT software and hardware integration.

Complete Climate Control

Depending on the size, type, and structure of your greenhouse; a good system will manage factors such as: ventilation, heating, cooling, grow lights, CO2, temperature, irrigation systems, air quality controls, and much more.


Monitor and Control Air Quality for Employee and Plant Health and Safety

Air quality affects everything in an indoor grow facility. From plant health to workers’ safety, equipment, odor, neighbors, communities, and regulations.

Our sensors are capable of measuring particulates and gases in the air. Many nutrients and resources like CO2 are healthy for plants at the right levels but detrimental to humans. Our sensors and monitoring systems make it easy to not only see what is in the garden but also to control these particulates and elements if dangerous thresholds are detected.

Being able to dial in your CO2 for plants is a godsend, but so is ventilating a grow room quickly if it becomes toxic for crops, livestock or workers in the garden. With our customizable dashboards and alert capabilities, your plants and staff will be protected.

What are the Benefits of our Sensor and Monitoring Systems for your Agricultural Facilities?

The overall benefits of automating your agricultural operation are obvious. Growing one plant or a few is not the same as growing hundreds or thousands of plants for commercial purposes all in various stages of growth, factor in regulations and it becomes overwhelming very quickly. Below are some of the benefits of automating your commercial agricultural facilities.

Decrease your Agricultural Facility Overhead and Labor Costs

When you effectively automate processes that used to be carried out manually your business becomes more efficient leading to reduced overhead costs. Running a agricultural facility can be overwhelming for management and employees alike automating processes allows you to free up employees to focus on the more important aspects of the facility. Employee morale is a huge bonus in an industry with the high turnaround that the agricultural industry has. It also allows you to teach your staff new skills leading to more informed and valuable workers on your team.

Total Control of your Facilities from Anywhere

Managing your agricultural business using our IoT solutions makes everything easier and more effective. Being able to monitor and react quickly with confidence either in-house or remotely is a huge benefit. Our solutions also allow you to decide how granular you need to be in each individual facility or grow room. Better control over your agricultural operations is another huge benefit of garden automation and monitoring.

Reduce Human Error and Make Data-Based Decisions

Knowing exactly what’s happening in your agricultural facilities in real-time as well as over the long term allows your team to make decisions based on empirical data rather than assumptions. The benefits of not having to worry about human error when mixing up nutrient batches or watering schedules can also save you from a lot of headaches and at worst crop failures.

Maximum Yield, Quality, and Efficiency for your Harvest

Collecting data allows you to better understand your grow operations at both a general level as well as granular levels. Analyzing this data allows you to improve both harvest yield and quality as well as the ability to learn from crop cycles leading to an optimum return on investment as well as a more efficient garden and business.

Scale Your Agricultural Business Operations

Whether you have a single facility or have multiple facilities, AgTek's automated agricultural system solutions will work for your needs. Scale your business with ease with AgTek's cutting-edge IoT technology.

Implement Alert and Notification Systems that Work with Email, and SMS

Alerts and notifications can be sent via email and text messaging (SMS) when a pre-configured alarm is triggered. Each device and location can have its own user-determined and configured parameters, ensuring you are only notified of situations important to the location.

User-Friendly Dashboards

AgTek's dashboards show an instant view of the key metrics you'd like to monitor, providing insight into your growing operation in real-time as well as over the long term.

AgTek a leader in software and sensor systems for your agricultural operations.

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