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Master Growers use Seed-to-sale software to track and manage every plant and its life cycle


Control, automate, and enhance every aspect of your cultivation  


Logchain verified data, Inventory monitored with RFID, control mold and mildew with patent pending Air Purification Solution

SaaS or On-Premise

Since not everyone has great interenet, we can deploy how you want it, in the cloud or in your office


Grow Software

Compliance for grow operators, increased productivity, reduce labor expenses, increase profitability.

Internet of things (iot)

Simplify the on-boarding, management and control of IoT devices with a customizable dashboard and data reporting engine. Measure, report, get notified.

Point of sale

Peace of mind point of sale solutions.  Compliance, Scale, Curbside, check-ins, purchase limits, order ahead, fast and user friendly.



Our seed-to-sale software suite will track and manage every plant and its life cycle. Our meets all state tracking requirements

air purification

Sanitize your air and surfaces 24/7.  Proven Solutions making the places we congregate safer, reducing the spread of COVID-19

employee safety

We can detect weapons of war in public places.  Lower your litigation risk, detect and alert.

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