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The Best Dispensary POS System in the Cannabis Industry

Our dispensary POS system is a comprehensive, intuitive, and user-friendly point of sale application that was developed to take cannabis retail to the next level.

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the superior dispensary POS app

Reliable, intuitive, and efficient dispensary POS software solutions

Deliver a superior customer experience with quick and painless checkouts, and do it while seamlessly maintaining compliance.

AgTek Cannabis POS Systems

Create a personalized and enjoyable dispensary experience

AgTek’s Dispensary POS delivers an enhanced cannabis point-of-sale experience for completing cannabis consumer transactions, leading to happier customers and increased revenue.

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What is a Dispensary POS System?

A dispensary POS systems allow dispensaries and other legal cannabis businesses to sell their products and maintain compliance with federal and state regulations. POS systems for dispensaries and other cannabis businesses include many of the same features as retail point of sale software systems, although they offer additional features tailored specifically to the cannabis industry.

Why Choose AgTek's Dispensary POS Software Solutions?

Superior Metrc Integration

The Bi-Directional API integration with METRC allows for easy synching and peace of mind when it comes to regulatory compliance.

Extremely Intuitive Interface

Streamlined and intuitive navigation with the end-user in mind.

Robust Reporting

AgTek realizes the value of data, both long-term and in real time. All of our software comes with comprehensive reporting features.

Offline or SaaS Access

Deployment options for on-premise or cloud-based access, limitations regarding internet bandwidth and stability that limit many others in this space, are not a hindrance for AgTek's dispensary POS.

User-Friendly & Easy to Learn

With a small learning curve budtenders and managers can be up and running on our touch screen terminal POS technology in a matter of minutes.  

Knowledgeable Customer Service

AgTek's customer service is always there to help. Whether it be technical questions, billing questions, or requests for new features we can help.

Fast and Reliable Cannabis Dispensary Transactions

AgTek’s Dispensary POS software eliminates the danger of lost sales due to internet outages or sluggish internet performance in general, with 99% uptime you can rely on. Our point-of-sale solution is developed on the latest cloud architecture framework with real-time data capabilities, you’ll be able to offer more efficient checkouts and build up a happy customer base and staff.

We used the latest cloud-based framework to build our dispensary POS software, using real-time data you’ll build trust with customers who will enjoy a more efficient and personalized checkout process.

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Dispensary Customer Loyalty Programs and Discount Features

Our dispensary POS system offers multiple loyalty program options. You will have the ability to create your own custom loyalty program or discounts within the software, or you can link to Springbig or I Heart Jane. Discount and Loyalty programs can be set up using time, product, date, brands, and more. Loyal customers will enjoy our built-in loyalty and discounts features as will your dispensary staff. Setting up loyalty programs and discounts is simple and intuitive, everybody wins.

Customer and Patient Profiles

Treat all of your customers and patients like "regulars", create individual customer and patient profiles. Keep track of your customer's preferred products, medical marijuana prescription information, transaction history, reward or loyalty points, and more.

Past Purchase History and Notes

Customer information, notes, and past purchase history are all readily accessible with our Dispensary POS system, allowing for an improved customer experience. Enable more personalized customer and patient experiences, more intelligent conversations, the ability to upsell, and build stronger relationships with your customers.

Intuitive and Easy To Learn Dispensary Point of Sale

AgTek’s POS software solution’s interface is an extremely user-friendly interface having been designed to be intuitive with a small learning curve. The ability to quickly train new staff and budtenders greatly cuts down on employee training and the associated costs. With large buttons and a clearly organized UI, your employees will also enjoy using the app in real-time.

Built for fast-paced environments, featuring large buttons that make use intuitive and user-friendly. Interactive help menus and how-to videos are included, should you need them.

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Maintain Compliance with Superior Metrc Integration

Cannabis compliance is a top priority when it comes to developing our digital solutions, we take it very seriously. Metrc is the chosen track and trace compliance system in 15 states, as well as Washington D.C. with more states coming on board in the near future. Our Bi-directional API makes METRC easy to sync and manage, making generating reports and providing the necessary data a breeze.

Purchase Limits

Cannabis Compliance can be stressful and should be a top priority of any cannabis POS solution which is why our software makes sure you do not exceed a patient or customer’s purchase limits. Our point-of-sale system tracks regulatory limits. No matter what state your cannabusiness operates in, you’ll never oversell cannabis again.

Dispensary Inventory Management

Track suppliers and track wholesale cannabis sales with built-in inventory management features. Review comprehensive statistics to assist you in figuring out your best reorder procedure, which items are most popular, and so on. Purchase history and traffic patterns are used to predict future demand, ensuring you have the cannabis products you need when they’re needed.


Built-in Store Manager

A built-in, customizable dashboard made up of multiple widgets with live inquiries to the SQL database, that keeps those widgets live and your management informed. Manipulate your dashboard widgets into the type of view you prefer so you can see what’s happening throughout your retail business at a glance.

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Dispensary Point of Sale FAQs

Dispensary POS software is a point-of-sale system custom-made for cannabis dispensaries and is sometimes referred to as a cannabis pos system. Cannabis point-of-sale solutions place an industry-specific emphasis on your typical retail management tasks to guarantee comprehensive cannabis retail compliance with state regulations.

This can include age verification, purchase limits, and tracking products. High-quality Dispensary POS systems will also generate the required reports and data for state officials and assist you in analyzing your retail performance and boosting your bottom line.

Given the rapid expansion of cannabis retail operations across the United States, software companies have been optimizing their POS software to ensure that their POS solution helps enforce compliance with each state’s marijuana rules.

Setting up a legal marijuana retail business is complicated especially when dealing with many different state regulations, licensing restrictions, and requirements, special cannabis taxes. There are also dispensaries that sell cannabis for medicinal use and or for recreational use that must track and trace both types of sales and customers separately. Your cannabis retail business will need a reliable and stable dispensary POS to track your sales and to keep customer data on file to maintain compliance.

Point of Sale (POS)

At checkout, it collects payments and data from customers. It integrates with scales to weigh items at checkout. Labels and receipts are printed. Barcodes on products are scanned for inventory tracking purposes. Sales or loyalty rewards may be used to apply discounts.

Patient/Customer Management

Being able to collect and store a medical marijuana patient’s prescription information ensures a superior experience for your patients. Having a prescription on record ensures compliance and develops a personal relationship with the patient while speeding up the dispensary checkout process.

Keep track of your consumers’ purchase histories. Offer Loyalty Programs and savings to frequent customers. Make sure that consumers are not going over any restrictions imposed by the state or their doctor.

Cannabis Dispensary Reporting

Maintain detailed records and generate reports for your cannabis retail operation to help maintain compliance with your state’s unique regulations surrounding the sale of cannabis.

Make smarter decisions by managing income, cash flow, and expenses to learn where your dispensary is succeeding and where you need to improve. When you can identify key data points quickly and easily your retail operations will become much more efficient and profitable.

Additional Benefits of Dispensary POS Software

Cannabis Industry-specific use

There are thousands of regulated retail cannabis stores all across the USA. While some industries may have their own POS solutions, they will not work for a cannabis dispensary or most regulated markets. It’s next to impossible to run an efficient and compliant cannabis dispensary with a point-of-sale solution developed for the cannabis industry.

Keep track of state compliance

Any dispensary POS software solution will have built-in compliance features, for example, Metrc integration. This will ensure the correct data and reports are submitted to the proper state reporting systems. In fact, even the frequency of how often reporting is expected varies from state to state. Some state regulations require that you submit reports daily, no excuses. Failing to maintain compliance can lead to fines, suspensions of your license, and even the loss of your license.

Improved inventory management

When your THC products and CBD goods are flying off the shelves, it might be difficult to ensure that you have adequate inventory on hand or the time to analyze store sales data and also complete the reordering process. Without an organized way to collate and analyze such data, you will not have a successful marijuana dispensary. Digital inventory management can alert you when products are being sold and at what pace, so you can place orders to restock your shelves and ensure you meet your customer’s demands. Happy customers mean more revenue and cash flow which leads to long-term success.

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