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Cannabis Seed to Sale Software

A cutting-edge and robust cannabis cultivation seed-to-sale software solution developed in cooperation with cultivators across the USA. GrowPro simplifies managing your entire cannabis cultivation operation as well as state compliance requirements. 

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The Ultimate Cannabis Seed-to-Sale Software System for your Grow

GrowPro is a professionally developed seed-to-sale solution for cannabis industry grows and cultivation facilities. GrowPro also has SMS alert and automation solutions that utilize Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

Comprehensive and Intuitive User Interface

AgTek has developed a user interface that is both simple, intuitive, and comprehensive. The less time spent figuring out how software works, the quicker it can be integrated and used to optimize your cannabis industry business.


Garden Automation and Sensors

With our Internet of Things (IoT) technology, sensors, and hardware integration, growers will be able to automate and run the entire commercial cannabis grow operation, from grow lights to CO2 to irrigation to ventilation and more.

GrowPro features a dashboard full of customizable widgets that ease navigation and allow you to track important information such as nutrients, daily energy costs, yields, plant count, and more. Another added feature is our alert system which can send SMS or email messages that will remind you of tasks you have scheduled or if there is an issue in the garden.

Garden Automation

Track and Trace Your Cannabis Plants Throughout Their Entire Life Cycle

Being able to track and trace your cannabis plants’ full life cycle is a huge upside to your cultivation facility, in fact, it’s almost impossible to run a commercial grow in the cannabis industry without seed-to-sale-software. You’ll be able to track data, analyze it and adjust your processes to supercharge your cannabis grow rooms increasing your harvest yields and profit margins. You’ll be better able to estimate your harvest yields ahead of schedule which can help with budgeting and your future cultivation planning.

More Info: Tracking Plants

The data you collect can be accessed at any time, even when your software is offline.

Manage Your Cannabis Plants

Below are some of the items that can be tracked using GrowPro:

  • Modify and Add Strains
  • Track by Strain
  • Track Height & Girth
  • Track Pesticides
  • Track & Assess Nutrients
  • Track by Growth Stage
  • Track by Room
  • Plant Scheduling
  • Batch Plants in Large Quantities
  • Document Yields
  • Audit Your Grow
  • Track an Entire Facility
  • Track Single Grow Rooms
  • Log & Track Plant Events
  • And Much More...
cannabis seed to sale software
Schedule Tasks & Appointments
Being able to schedule tasks for your commercial cannabis cultivation team is a huge positive when it comes to organization and efficiency. When everyone knows their job, their responsibilities, and when to carry out processes your operation will become more organized and efficient.
Keep Employees on Track with Scheduled Tasks

Organization and efficiency with your grow staff is a top priority in the cultivation industry.

Schedule Tasks

Below are some of the tasks that can be scheduled using GrowPro:

  • Changing Rooms
  • Cleaning
  • Cloning
  • Curing
  • Drying
  • Fertilizing
  • Flushing
  • Harvesting
  • Irrigation
  • Manicuring
  • Pruning
  • Repotting
  • Seeding
  • Spraying
  • Testing
  • And Much More...

Superior Metrc API Integration

A key feature throughout our seed-to-sale software offerings is simplicity in compliance.  Each state has unique regulations and procedures as it pertains to compliance, and nobody in the industry offers as robust an integration via API as GrowPro. In fact, it’s one of the biggest reasons client’s switch to our software in the cannabis industry.

Bi-Directional data movement between GrowPro and METRC or other state compliance applications ensures that your cannabis business is compliant giving you peace of mind and time to concentrate on improving your operations rather than fixing problems.

Security Features

Security is vital when it comes to cannabis business operations, setting and enforcing permission levels and access to specific employees is a feature missing from many of our competitor’s seed to sale systems.

Access can be controlled by PIN, ID Cards, or even Bio metrics such as fingerprints ensures your garden and data is safe. Let your employees view only what they need to see. View cameras, control door alarms, even employ a safe room and video camera doorbell, all accessible remotely.

Generate Comprehensive Reports

The ability to generate reports is vital in running a commercial cannabis business. Reports allow for easier organization and analysis of data. GrowPro offers a robust and all-encompassing reporting system that covers everything you need to effectively run and GROW your cannabis business.

More Info: Seed-to-Sale Reports

Advanced Filtering System

Our reporting systems allows for advanced filtering options so you can generate the report you need with the required data sets.

Types of Reports

GrowPro has a robust reporting system that covers the following data points:

  • Employee HR Data
  • Employee Tardiness
  • Equipment
  • Equipment Costs
  • Inventory
  • Inventory History
  • Location Transfers
  • Mother Plants
  • Patients
  • Suppliers
  • Tasks
  • Plants
  • Plants Events
  • Plants Height
  • Plants History
  • Plants Destroyed
  • Plants by Patient
  • Plants by Room
  • Plants by Stage
  • Plants by Strain
  • Strain Yields
Display Data in Multiple Views & File Formats

GrowPro allows for export options so you can have your data in the format you need it. Including .pdf and .csv formats. That's not all choose to present data in a Pie Chart or Bar Graph format.

More GrowPro Features

Employee Resources

Employees are the lifeblood of a cannabis business, being able to track your team and assign tasks to individuals leads to a more organized and efficient operation. Create an employee database, track time worked, assign tasks, track tardiness, assign equipment to employees, and more. Employee info can be entered manually or by scanning a state issued ID card.

Medical Marijuana Patient & Visitor Database and Logs

Manage a list of patients and track information about their Medical Marijuana prescription as well as any notes you might need. You can even assign plants to a patient record as well as referral information.

Lab Reports

The Laboratory feature is used to track information about companies you send Lab Tests to for testing as well as the lab results themselves. Documents can be scanned or attached to the Laboratory record.

B2B Customers Database

Our Business to Business (B2B) feature allows you to track companies you buy from and sell to. Paper documents can be scanned in and attached to a B2B Customer record. Existing electronic documents can also be attached to a B2B Customer record. B2B Customers can also be used to track wholesale buyers.

Cannabis Seed-to-Sale Software FAQs

A cannabis seed-to-sale system is a comprehensive software solution that tracks every stage of the cannabis business supply chain, from seed all the way through until final retail sale. Literally tracking and documenting the entire supply chain process including cultivation, manufacturing, laboratory testing, distribution, delivery, and final sale.

With each passing year, the cannabis industry grows stronger. In 2021, there are twenty states (including the District of Columbia) that consider marijuana to be fully legal, with more states coming on board in 2022 and more states developing Bills to legalize cannabis. On top of that many more states have medical marijuana programs. The cannabis industry is here to stay and only going to explode over time.

As a result, producers and cultivators of legal cannabis are looking for innovative and efficient ways to produce as much product as possible, while staying within state regulations and turning a profit. Cannabis seed-to-sale software is one such resource.

Whether you’re a grower, packager, extraction lab, or dispensary, you’ll want to trace each gram of product and all related expenses from seed to sale. This is where seed-to-sale software comes into play and it even adds legitimacy to a newly regulated industry with decades of bad press and unearned stigmas.

The number of seed-to-sale software offerings in the market is a bit overwhelming, so let’s start with what benefits cannabis software can provide for your business.

Some of the top benefits of seed-to-sale software include:

Assists in helping to avoid fines and license suspensions

When it comes to cannabis production and state regulations, you’ll want to make sure your employees are in compliance and avoid any irresponsible mistakes that might lead to legal difficulties. If infractions become a pattern or a major infraction is committed fines, license suspension, and worst of all lose of licensing can occur. Cannabis compliance is a number one priority.

Create Custom Workflows for More Efficient and Productive Grow Ops

Cannabis plants have a lot of genetic variation and diversification through breeding is happening now more than ever. This leads to a byproduct that varies in weight, height, potency, and environmental and nutritional needs.

Many cannabis seed-to-sale applications allow you to collect data points across the entire cultivation cycle that can be analyzed and stored and used for future planning. This will ensure the ability to set up custom workflows and cultivation needs depending on strains being grown and under what conditions.

Assists in Compliance with State Regulations and Reporting

A major aspect of cannabis compliance deals with reporting the correct data to the correct entities. Compliance varies by state as well as by municipality and can cover everything from taxes and fees, to plant limits and disposal of unhealthy plants or cultivation waste byproducts, and to name a few regulations. A well-developed cannabis seed-to-sale application, such as GrowPro, will ensure you are maintaining compliance.

Which is a lot less to worry about as you run your day-to-day operations. Compliance and regulations can be overwhelming, to say the least, in 2021 it’s almost impossible to run a profitable and compliant business without the use of seed-to-sale apps.

Ensure Consistent and Improved Nutrition

Cannabis plants of all shapes and sizes will require the appropriate nutrients and pesticides to ensure that they are developing as expected. Over the short-term seed to sale software helps to correct human error and forgetfulness, reminding your staff when to feed the garden.

Seed-to-sale software allows for easy and comprehensive logging of when these nutrients have been given to a select crop of plants and in what quantities. Over the long term, this leads to a more nuanced and effective knowledge of what specific strains require to improve the size of harvests.

A More Organized Business – Increased Revenue and Scalability

The whole overarching purpose of seed-to-sale systems, besides tracking cannabis plants, is to organize and streamline commercial grow facility operations. The more organized a garden the less overhead and more revenue it will see as its harvests increase in size. Being able to better predict your harvest yields ahead of schedule also allows for better planning, budgeting, and cash flow.

Scaling your operation also becomes much less complicated once you’ve optimized your current operation, whether it be expanding that current facility or starting new ones. The data and framework plus the workflows and processes have already been analyzed and implemented.

Seed-to-sale platforms “come in all shapes and sizes” provide and provide a variety of solutions. While all of these platforms aid in the management of crop growth and compliance, some go further and provide services such as sales distribution, hardware integration, patient tracking, and employee administration to name a few features.

Tracks plant data

The importance of keeping track of your cannabis product as a legal cannabis business cannot be overstated. Users may use growth logs and RFID tags or QR codes to monitor each seed throughout its lifecycle with cannabis seed-to-sale software.

Crop management

Cropping is a major component of cannabis seed-to-sale software. Seed-to-sale software, like other crop management systems, is mostly used by cannabis cultivators and optimizes production. Growers may utilize seed-to-sale software to find out the best practices for planting and caring for their plants using data for each crop. After several harvest cycles, cultivators should see significant increases in their yields and profits.

Compliance reporting and analytics

Cannabis seed-to-sale software is designed to keep pace with ever-changing local and federal rules by utilizing the data entered by the user to ensure that all compliance standards are met at all levels. Users can generate reports that can then be shared with Metrc or other state compliance entities. Failure to comply with local cannabis regulations can result in hefty fines or the termination of a cannabis license altogether.

Inventory management

It’s vital to maintain track of your inventory in the legal marijuana industry. When linked with cannabis seed-to-sale software, RFID tags and QR barcodes make it simple. This allows growers to keep track of their entire stock of products so they remain in compliance with local regulations.

Hardware integration

Many seed-to-sale technologies integrate easily with hardware that makes operating a marijuana farming business considerably easier. For accurate tracking of goods in your system, you’ll need to be able to connect to scales, label printers, and lab equipment. With some software offerings, including GrowPro, garden automation is possible. Control lights, temperature, humidity, ventilation, and more with ease.

Sales and distribution

The ability to keep track of both individual and bulk sales of legal cannabis is made easy with robust inventory management tools. The process for tracking orders and the chain of custody becomes much easier if a seed-to-sale solution has sales and distribution capabilities, which prioritizes compliance.

Cannabis seed to sale software is developed specifically for people that grow, distribute, extract, and sell cannabis. Cultivators that use this system either use it to track cannabis that is distributed for sale in other dispensaries, or for sale in their own vertically integrated cannabis business.

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